Taipa, Macau Photo: Google Maps

A 43-year-old Filipina domestic worker was arrested by Macau judiciary police on suspicion of theft from her employers.

An employer reported to the police on Friday that when their family returned home from vacation, they discovered valuables missing worth around 70,000 Macau patacas (US$8,635). They told police that they suspected their live-in domestic worker, Macao Daily News reported.

Police who responded to the employers’ call took the domestic worker, surnamed Forones, to the police station for questioning.

The worker, who had been working for their employer on Taipa island for four years, admitted to a gambling problem.

While the employer’s family were out of town during Chinese New Year, Forones allegedly stole cash and watches and pawned the valuables. She spent all the money in the casinos. When the family returned home, she worked as usual and pretended that nothing had happened.

Judiciary police recovered the employer’s watch at at pawn shop.

The suspect was arrested for alleged aggravated theft and the case was sent to the public prosecution office for further action.

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