Breakdancing Kai Kai is seen going through his moves. Photo: YouTube

A construction worker made the rounds on the Internet in China after a video of him breakdancing went viral.

The dancer, known as “Breakdancing Kai Kai” works as a construction worker and hails from Guiyang city in Guizhou. “Kai” often posts videos of himself dancing but never truly gained momentum until a video of him breakdancing at a construction site in full construction gear took the internet by storm.

Netizens were more than impressed, with some claiming that “Kai” can easily give a number of famous artists a run for their money. Others said that a brilliant dancer like the one in the video is shackled by the reality of making money and that it would be a waste for him to not be a professional dancer.

“Kai” has now brought in more than 50,000 followers on a local social media platform since the video went viral.

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