The snake emerges from the can after the rescuer sets it free. Photo: YouTube

A venomous cobra that had become trapped inside a beer can in India was rescued by a professional reptile handler. On Tuesday, snake catcher Mirza Mohammad was called to a neighborhood in Bhadrak, Odisha state, UPI reported.

Witnesses caught the cobra on video, which shows the snake catcher cutting through the beer can with a knife while using a glove to get the attention of the venomous reptile.

As the snake bites the glove, Mirza is able to capture it safely and place it in a plastic container. The snake was subsequently released in a forest area far from residents.

Local wildlife activists have advised residents to dispose of used aluminum cans properly to prevent snakes from getting stuck in them. The tightness of cans can often prove fatal for snakes as they are unable to get themselves free. Openings of the cans are usually sharp as well, which can injure them.

YouTube video

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