Macau. Photo: iStock

A 56-year-old Vietnamese domestic worker was arrested by police in Macau after she was caught on surveillance camera footage striking an 18-month-old baby girl in her care.

When the girl’s parents, the domestic worker’s employers, examined footage shot by a surveillance camera in their home on January 26, they found footage of their domestic worker, surnamed Tran, hitting the baby girl’s head several times and pulling at the girl’s hands and legs in the family home in Zona Norte, Macao Daily News reported.

On January 28, the couple reported the case to the Judiciary police, who took Tran to the police station for questioning.

The baby, who showed no signs of injury, was sent to hospital for a medical check-up.

The worker, who had been employed by the family for three years, denied the allegation. She claimed that she only wanted to get the girl to sleep.

Judiciary police charged Tran with one count of common assault and sent her case to the public prosecution office.

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