This was once a Lamborghini. Photo: YouTube

A Chinese man who loaned his Lamborghini to a friend is now the not-so-proud owner of a pile of scrap metal after the exotic supercar ended up in flames after skidding off a freeway and slamming into a guardrail.

At 7:07 pm on February 9, authorities received a call saying a car had hit a guardrail not far from the Fangyan toll station on the Dongyong Expressway in Zhejiang. Soon after, the 6 million Yuan vehicle caught fire.

The driver was returning to work in Shanghai from Ninge, Fujian, when he had an accident. The Lamborghini was only about 20 meters behind a vehicle which made a sudden stop. To avoid a collision, the sports car’s driver hit the brakes and the car slid off the wet road.

By the time firefighters arrived at the scene, the entire body of the vehicle was ablaze. Within 10 minutes the luxury vehicle turned into a pile of scrap metal. Firefighters, with the help of traffic police officers, put the fire out.

The driver said he got out of the car the moment he saw a spark on his rearview mirror and he did not have time to take his belongings from the car before it burst into flame. Traffic police investigated and discovered the man driving the Lamborghini did not own the car and he had, in fact, borrowed it from a friend.

Rainy weather has led to a number of accidents in China in the past few days. Last week a collision in Anhui claimed five lives.

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