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A number of outbreaks of African swine fever have been reported in northern Vietnam, with more than 200 pigs infected. A source at Vietnam’s Animal Health Department stated that several outbreaks were recorded in Hung Yen and Thai Binh provinces, VN Express reported.

More than 130 pigs were reported to have been infected by the highly contagious disease in Hung Yen and 123 in Thai Binh. The animals have since been put down, as there is no known treatment. The virus does not affect human health, but economic losses can be considerable.

Authorities blocked the sale and transportation of live pigs and pig products in the affected provinces. Farms and markets were sanitized as well.

Pham Van Dong, the head of the Animal Health Department, said the virus may have made its way to the country via migratory birds. Travelers bringing pig products from overseas could have been a source as well.

Farms affected by the virus will be able to get compensation of 38,000 dong (US$1.65) per kilogram of lost pigs. Those affected, however, are responsible for informing authorities on their own accord. Farmers have also been instructed to sanitize their farms in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

According to the World Organization for Animal Health, 20 countries and territories have reported cases of the African swine fever since 2017, with more than a million pigs being put down.

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