Titi Wati has to lie on her belly due to her weight and lack of mobility. Photo: YouTube

A woman who weighs more than 50 stone has become so heavy a forklifted will be needed to help her on her way to a hospital. Titi Wati, 37, is now listed as weighing 355 kilograms and is considered to be the heaviest woman in Indonesia, Newshub reported.

The woman from Palanka Raya City in Central Kalimantan was so heavy she was unable to move on her own and had to spend her days lying on her belly.

Her 19-year-old daughter Herlina feeds and bathes her. Wati claims she was only 44 kilos 10 years ago and an unhealthy diet of gorengan and tempeh caused her to gain weight.

She added that she could only lie on her stomach for more than six years. Whenever she tried to get up she had cramps in her legs.

Wati tried many ways to get in shape, including consuming herbal drinks. The drinks initially proved to be useful, but she could not continue as her husband could not afford the drinks on his carpenter’s salary.

Herlina had said her family’s financial situation kept them from seeking medical assistance and she hoped the government could help her mother. The Palangka Raya administration has now heard about Herlina’s problems with her mother and offered to help. However, experts need to examine Wati and they are not available in the province. Another problem is the fact that Wati cannot walk on her own.

A forklift was being considered to help move Wati from her home to the hospital. In addition, the house door of her home may need to be removed to extract her from her house.

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