Stills taken from the video. Photo: YouTube

A video showing a middle-aged woman attacking a bus driver by pulling his hair and slapping his head in Discovery Bay on Lantau Island on Tuesday has gone viral.

The video shows the bus driver, who was in the driver seat, having a dispute with two mainland Chinese women speaking Mandarin at a bus stop in Discovery Bay, Wen Wei Po reported.

One of the women was seen repeatedly pulling the driver’s collar and slapping his head. A male passenger tried to stop the women but failed.

YouTube video

Another 21-second video clip showed the driver and passengers getting off the bus. One woman pulls the driver’s hair and says in Mandarin: “Raise your head, let others have a look,” while the other woman, who was holding a girl, scolded the driver.

YouTube video

After about 10 seconds the attack stopped when a male passenger mediated.

According to police, they received a report from a 36-year-old mainland Chinese woman at DB North Plaza in Discovery Bay, new website reported. When officers arrived, the woman and the driver, 46, said they would not pursue the case.

It was understood the two women got on the bus at Sunny Bay Station with suitcases. The driver complained they were too slow when they got on the bus.

When the bus arrived at Discovery Bay, the bus stopped quickly, causing the women’s suitcases and the girl to fall.

The two women were angry and started the dispute with the driver.

After the video surfaced on social media, police re-classed the case from dispute to common assault. Police are now hunting for a woman aged 40 to 50 with short hair and glasses.

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