Ipoh District Police headquarters, Ipoh, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A video showing two groups of Vietnamese men fighting at an outdoor restaurant in Perak, Malaysia, on Saturday night has gone viral.

The video, which was uploaded on January 13 to the We are Malaysians Facebook page, has already been viewed more than 115,000 times, the Guang Ming Daily (Malaysia) reported. Police have reportedly made no arrests.

The incident took place on Saturday night at a restaurant with outdoor seating in Menglembu, Ipoh. The one-minute-long video showed chaotic fighting between two groups of men. Plastic chairs were thrown and people who had already fallen to the ground were kicked and beaten. A woman was seen trying to separate the men involved.

According to witnesses, the two parties were fighting over a woman who was also thought to be Vietnamese. It is not known if the woman seen in the video is that person.

Ipoh district police chief Mohd Ali Tamby said the people concerned had fled prior to the arrival of the police, and he appealed for more information from the public regarding the incident.

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