The oil tanker explosion in Hong Kong killed one, with two more missing. Photo: Youtube.

In the aftermath of an oil tanker explosion in Hong Kong that killed at least one crewman, the Vietnamese authorities are meeting with concerned parties to investigate the incident and carry out follow-up actions.

Stakeholders to be privy to meetings include local authorities, the owner of the oil tanker, representatives of the sailors as well as insurance agencies. Emergency workers say that the tanker is currently at risk of igniting again, with rescue teams continuing to look for two missing crew members, Vietnam Plus reported.

The Vietnamese Consulate General for Hong Kong and Macau said necessities have been supplied to injured sailors, with the shipowner suggesting arranging accommodation for them.

Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry has also instructed the consulate general to continue offer protection and assistance to the Vietnamese nationals.

On January 8, the 17,500-ton Aulac Fortune fuel tanker was preparing to be re-filled from an oil barge when a fire broke out. At the time of the incident, 27 crew members including 25 Vietnamese were on board the vessel. One crewman has been confirmed as killed, and two remain missing.