The snake regurgitated seven whole eggs. Photo: YouTube.

A snake catcher was called to retrieve a cobra after it snuck into a chicken coop in India, killed a hen and swallowed seven eggs.

Rare video footage has emerged – recorded in August 2018 – showing the cobra being caught and taken out of the chicken coop in Bhadrak district in the eastern state of Odisha, the Hindustan Times reported.

It quoted a source who said the cobra had killed a hen when villagers called snake catcher Mirza Mohammad Arif for help.

Arif is seen pulling the snake out of the coop as the snake tries to fight for its survival. When it was placed on an open area outside the snake regurgitated seven eggs that it had swallowed whole earlier.

The snake catcher explained that when snakes feel the need to flee, it becomes hard for them to hold food in their bodies. Their fight-or-flight response makes them throw up any food they may have ingested earlier.

Cobras are venomous snakes that are able to produce a hood when they feel threatened. Their venom can be fatal for any person or animal that is bitten by one.

YouTube video

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