The coast of Pulau Gaya, Malaysia, where the Indonesian was abducted. Photo: iStock.

Islamic extremist group Abu Sayyaf has released a video of an Indonesian held hostage since September begging for his release, in a reported bid to extort a ransom of four million pesos (US$76,324) from his employer.

Samsul Sangunim, who was abducted by gunmen off the coast of Pulau Gaya in the Malaysian state of Sabah, is shown cowering inside a hole in the ground with his hands apparently tied. Eastern Sabah Security Command commander Hazani Ghazali confirmed that the video was authentic. It is believed to have been sent to Sangunim’s employer.

Running for just over two minutes, the clip shows Sangunim pleading “tolong saya boss, tolong saya boss, tolong saya …” (please help me boss, please help me boss, please help me …) in Bahasa Melayu. 

The Indonesian was kidnapped on September 11 along with a colleague,  Usman Yusof, 30. However, Yusof managed to escape from his captors on December 5 and has since been reunited with his family in Indonesia.

Police have not said whether any ransom demand will be paid. Abu Sayyaf, which is based in the south of the Philippines, is believed to be holding at least three other people hostage.

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