Dubai Investment Park where the incident took place. Photo: Google Maps

A Pakistani security guard was sentenced to three months in prison on December 24 for attempting to rape a Filipino woman near her apartment in Dubai.

The Filipina said she was returning to her apartment at Dubai Investment Park late at night when the Pakistani man used his card to open the building’s door to help her in. The man offered to help her carry her shopping bags to her apartment but she refused his help, Gulf News reported.

The man followed the Filipina to the elevator and both went up to the fourth floor. When the door opened, the guard asked the Filipina to go with him, but she refused and continued walking to her apartment.

The man chased after the woman and pulled her towards him. He tried to pull down her pants down, but failed as they were very tight. He then molested her. The woman managed to push him away and ran to her apartment, where she called police and the man was arrested.

At the Dubai Court of First Instance, the man pleaded not guilty and denied the accusations. However, the court sentenced him to three months in jail followed by deportation. Court records said traces of semen were found on the Filipina’s clothes that matched that of the suspect.

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