Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino man who was put on an international wanted list for the rape and murder of a student in Japan in 2004 has been arrested and is set to face charges for his alleged crimes.

Keith Guinan Echane, 33, was arrested on Thursday after arriving at Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

Echane volunteered to surrender after Japanese authorities sought his arrest in the Philippines, Japan Today reported.

Echane, who was a minor at the time the student was raped and killed, was one of three Filipino suspects involved in the death of Misato Harada in Japan in January 2004.

The police said the three suspects abducted Harada, who was 21, and raped her before stabbing her to death.

Japanese police found the victim’s body in a river in the village of Miho. Police said there were multiple stab wounds and a large slit on the victim’s body.

Following the crime, the three suspects fled to the Philippines. Police put the suspects on an international wanted list after learning of their involvement in the crime.

In September 2017, police arrested one of the suspects, Jerico Mori Lampano. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Japanese court after pleading guilty to the fatal attack.

The third suspect, who was not identified, is still at large and reportedly hiding in the Philippines.

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