Didi Chuxing's headquarters in Beijing. Photo: AFP
Didi Chuxing's headquarters in Beijing. Photo: AFP

China’s ride-hailing giant Didi launched its financial service on its app via a low-key profile on Wednesday, The Paper reported.

This is the first time for Didi to unveil financial products, ever since it set up the financial business group in 2018.

At present, innovations that have been launched on the web include fund-raising products for serious illness as well as health insurance, wealth management and auto insurance.

Didi said it will gradually introduce more financial solutions to meet the financial demands of drivers and passengers. And, it is likely to apply for more financial related licenses in the future.

It is expected the fund-raising options will be online mutual aid programs, not financial products. The remainder of the products on the Didi platform will be provided by licensed financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and consumer finance firms.