The snake blocked the vehicle at the toll booth. Photo: YouTube

A python was caught on camera when it slithered onto a toll booth, blocking vehicles on a highway in eastern Thailand.

Security camera footage taken on January 10 on a highway in Chonburi province, just south of the capital Bangkok, shows a white car reverse after the python was spotted at the entrance to the toll booth, blocking the car’s way, UPI reported.

The snake is seen slithering onto a curb, then into a gap next to a worker in the toll booth.

Witnesses at the scene say the snake vanished before it could be retrieved by emergency services. The python’s origin was not known, with some guessing it was thrown or had fallen from a vehicle.

Pythons are non-venomous snakes and are commonly found in Africa, Asia and Australia. They can grow more than nine meters in length and usually feed on pests such as mice and rats. Their shy nature makes them a fairly safe animal to keep as pets.