The temporary sign outside the restaurant. Photo: Pho Keene Great@Facebook.

A restaurant in the United Kingdom has come under fire after citizens realized that its name, when pronounced with an English accent, could sound profane.

The restaurant, named Pho Keene Great, is supposedly set to open in March next to the City Hall in Keene, North Hampshire, New Hampshire Public Radio reported.

Elizabeth Dragon, the City Manager of Keene said the restaurant’s name has drawn complaints and added that the restaurant did not get official permission before putting up a temporary sign showing its name.

Restaurant owner Isabelle Jolie has removed the sign for now. A spokesperson for the restaurant has said that the city’s standpoint could be taken as discriminatory and that Jolie will decide what to do after meeting with city officials.

According to Fox News, the restaurant used its Facebook page to clarify that the city will impose no delay on the opening of the restaurant. However it will not permit the use of signage with the name “Pho Keene Great” due to it being a violation of City ordinances, given that the restaurant will be operating in the City Hall building.

The restaurant conducted a poll about the name on Facebook, with 97% of respondents finding the name “fun” instead of offensive.

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