Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino migrant worker jumped from the third floor of a building in Dubai after allegedly being held captive by her employment agency.

The migrant worker, whose identity was not disclosed, said that she arrived in Dubai in December and was brought to an employment agency which had promised her a job as a domestic worker, GMA News reported.

However, weeks passed and no employer came for her. The Filipina claimed that she was also locked inside the office for a week with insufficient food and was not allowed to use a mobile phone.

“I jumped from the third floor. I didn’t think about whether I would die, as long as I (could) escape from the agency,” the Filipina said.

Fortunately, the Filipina survived the fall and was later found by a fellow Filipina, who brought her to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Dubai for assistance in getting her back home to the Philippines.

Felicitas Bay, Labor Attache of the POLO Dubai, urged Filipino migrant workers to ensure that they only find employment through agencies that are accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

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