Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Three long-serving Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait have received awards from a migrant workers’ group for their dedication and loyalty to their work.

The awards were presented at a Christmas party for migrant workers organized by the Filipino Clients Relations Officers (FILCRO). The prizes went to three domestic workers, Aisha Husain, Cathy Hadcan and Zenaida Ramos, The Kuwait Times reported.

FILCRO President Maripol Abdullah said the domestic workers were able to demonstrate perseverance and loyalty and showed that not all domestic workers in Kuwait suffer abuse or maltreatment.

“They deserve to be recognized for their hard work, dedication and commitment to their sworn duty,” Abdullah said.

Husain, who went to Kuwait at the age of 13, hid her age from her first employer and worked for a year before asking to be transferred, as her employer had a big family and she was their only domestic worker. When she transferred to a new employer, she was treated like family and since then has worked for them for almost 30 years.

“They treated me not as a housemaid but as part of the family. My employers never raised their voices to me when I committed mistakes. I was really touched by this,” Husain said.

Ramos, who came to Kuwait in 1991, said she has only worked for one employer ever since she arrived in the country. She said she never had problems with her employers, which is why she managed to stay with them for 28 years.

“They are kindhearted employers. They treat me as one of their children, so in return I respect them as my parents,” Ramos said.

Hadcan has been working for a Kuwaiti family for over 15 years and said that her employers helped her pay for the cost of rebuilding her family home in the Philippines when Typhoon Haiyan struck in 2013.

“Since I arrived here as a housemaid, they have never changed. Their attitude is kind and I didn’t get any reason to leave them,” Hadcan said.

The domestic workers each received PHP50,000 (US$950) and a plaque.