Photo: HK Government

Temperatures in Hong Kong are forecast to drop to 11 degrees Celsius on Tuesday morning although the city enjoyed the warm and sunny weather over the weekend.

Temperatures in the city will gradually drop on Monday night and further go south to 11 degrees on Tuesday morning under the influence of the northeast monsoon, according to a nine-day forecast on the Hong Kong Observatory’s website.

The New Territories and Lantau Island are forecast to have weather that will be one to two degrees lower than the city center.

It is expected that the second cold weather warning will be issued this week, Oriental Daily reported.

Weather forecasters at the Observatory said the temperature difference between day and night over the next two days will be relatively large, so people should be aware and ensure they have enough warm clothes.

Temperatures are forecast to pick up from Thursday to around 15 degrees to 20 degrees with fine and dry weather continuing until Sunday.

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