A leopard similar to the one that killed two people. Photo: iStock.
A leopard similar to the one that killed two people. Photo: iStock.

Indian forest department officers finally captured a leopard that was believed to have killed two people and attacked others. According to the Times of India, the leopard first killed a farmer in Pavijetpur, Chhota Udepur, Gujarat on January 4.

Balu Rathwa, 50, was plucking cotton in his field with his wife near Vavidi village when the leopard attacked and grabbed him by the neck, killing him instantly. His wife sustained minor injuries.

The big cat then attacked three people on January 6. First, it attacked an eight-year-old girl named Mittal Rathwa in the Bandi village. She was rescued by the villagers and was taken to a hospital for treatment where she was in a critical condition.

Soon after, the leopard attacked a two-year-old boy in the same village. Officials say the boy, Chirag Rathwa, was sleeping a few meters from his house when the leopard attacked. The leopard grabbed the boy by the neck and ran towards a nearby forest, but dropped the boy when villagers gave chase.

The boy succumbed to his wounds before help arrived.

Late at night on the same day, the leopard attacked a farmer, Ramsing Rathwa, Indian Express reported. The farmer was severely injured but escaped with his life.

The next day, on January 7, the leopard was spotted hiding on a farm and was tranquilized. About 150 forest officers were deployed to capture the big cat in an operation that started late on January 6. Eight cages with traps were installed throughout the Pavi Jetpur forest area to catch it.

Authorities have sent the leopard to a local rescue center, where it will be examined to confirm if it had attacked all four people. Cages and traps will remain in the forest in case another leopard is there.