The king cobra was slowly removed from the toilet. Photo: YouTube

A resident in southern Thailand was startled when he found a king cobra submerged in the toilet at his house last Friday. Khun Gommaton, 50, went to the washroom in his house in Krabi, Thailand, and spotted the snake’s head poking through the water in the toilet, the Buriram Times reported.

He called emergency services to handle the highly venomous reptile.

Video footage captured the moment rescuers secured the 5-foot snake from the toilet. The king cobra was put in a bag and later released in a forest.

Khun said he had been living in the house for three years and had never found a snake at home before. He also said there was a forest behind his property and added that the snake probably entered their home by slithering through a drain in the forest.

He added that his wife was now a bit nervous about using the washroom.