North Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo: iStock.
Sumatra in Indonesia. Photo: iStock

Authorities in Indonesia have arrested four men who were allegedly involved in the rape and murder of a 20-year-old woman. Maliki Fahrin, the head of the crime investigation unit in the Ogan Ilir subdistrict in Sungai Rambutan, South Sumatra, said the burned body was found by local farmer Tugino, 43, and his son Ages Rianto, 20, in a paddy field, The Star reported.

The father-and-son quickly notified authorities. Preliminary investigations suggest the woman arrived at the home of a man known only as AS on January 19 at about 9 pm, where she also met Tete, 22, Feri, 30, and two 16-year-old boys.

She was taken to a party to smoke crystal meth with the group. The woman had previously borrowed money from AS, who wanted sex as a form of payment. Her refusal ended in a scuffle which led to her being held by the men and strangled with a wire until she died.

AS and Tete, unaware the woman had died, raped her corpse as the others watched. The body was then taken away and burned at the spot where it was found.

South Sumatra Police chief Inspector General Zulkarnain Adinegara said that apart from AS, the rest of the group had been arrested. A truck used to carry the body was also confiscated. AS was still on the run and authorities were looking for him.

A relative of the woman said her family will take DNA tests to confirm the body was hers. He added that the woman had been missing since January 19 and they had heard nothing since.

The woman leaves behind a child.

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