Minister of Manpower M Hanif Dhakiri speaking at the app's launch. Photo: Youtube.

A new app that will improve services and increase protection for Indonesian migrant workers has been launched by the Indonesian government.

The Minister of Manpower M Hanif Dhakiri spoke on December 27 about the app SIPMI, which he said is a community-based forum where migrant workers can communicate directly on a digital platform, Antara News reported.

He added that the app, available on both Android and iOS, can be accessed by migrant workers and others who are considering to be migrant workers as well as stakeholders linked to migrant workers’ matters.

The app also aims to provide a communications channel between the government and migrant workers, with regularly updated information about regulations of procedures related to gaining overseas employment.

A panic button is also built into the app. This will send an alert to the nearest migrant worker who can respond to the situation promptly.