Two hunters were caught with parts from a wild boar allegedly shot in a national park in western Thailand on January 26, 2019. Photo: iStock

A pair of hunters were arrested in western Thailand last Saturday night after being caught by local officials with parts of wild boars in a national park.

At around 9.30pm on January 26, a patrol team noticed the headlights of two motorbikes leaving the forest in the Srinakarin Dam National Park in Si Sawat district in Kanchanaburi province, the Bangkok Post reported.

The two motorbikes sped past the officials and injured an officer in the process.

Officers gave chase and were able to nab the hunters promptly. Preecha Sonthuan, 46, and Preecha Songkramsak, 43, were caught with parts of a wild boar including its skin – with seven bullet holes in it, plus legs and a head. The total haul retrieved weighed at about 19 kilograms.

The duo, both Si Sawat locals, were taken to the local police station and were charged with violating the National Park Act.

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