Singapore condominium blocks. Photo: Google Maps
Singapore condominium blocks. Photo: Google Maps

A 35-year-old businessman in Singapore has appealed online for a well-educated foreign domestic worker who would be able to take care of child care and family tutoring duties as well as domestic work.

The man surnamed Lee wrote last month on the Facebook private page “Singapore transfer helpers (maids) direct hire”, offering a salary of S$650-$850 (US$479-$626) for a foreign domestic worker who can perform multiple duties.

According to the advertisement, Lee was in need of someone who could start work before mid-February. The prospective worker should have a bachelor degree or good high school grades so as she is able to give simple tutoring in mathematics and English his primary one-aged daughter.

The prospective employee would also be expected to love cooking, to learn new dishes by following recipes and to carry out domestic duties in the family’s 1,250-square-foot (116-square-meter) apartment.

Contacted by the Shin Min Daily reporter, Lee explained that his family speak mainly Chinese at home and his wife does not have a good command of English. A well-educated worker would be deemed suitable as he believed she would be able to help improve the English capabilities of both his wife and daughter.

Lee added that the requirements were based on experience he had of watching a relative’s domestic worker, a bachelor’s degree holder who, as well as performing domestic work, gave tutoring and supervision to his nephew.

Two employment agencies in Singapore told the newspaper that while it would not be impossible, it could be difficult to secure a worker who might fulfill Lee’s requirements, due to keen international competition for well-educated workers.

The employer would also be expected to pay a higher salary and to devote more time to searching for suitable candidates, the agents added.

Lee said eight women had replied to his advertisement. Although two Filipina candidates reportedly had bachelor’s degrees, they were not suitable as the man was looking for workers who already had a Singaporean work permit and were seeking to change employers.

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