A bus in Hong Kong. Photo: WikiCommons
A bus in Hong Kong. Photo: WikiCommons

A bus driver and a passenger did not hesitate to give HK$100 (US$13) each for a taxi fare to a student who hopped on the wrong bus so he could get to school on time to take an0 exam.

The mother of the student posted a message on a group named “Tseung Kwan O” on Facebook, hoping to find the two men who helped her son on Tuesday to express their gratitude, news website HK01.com reported.

At 7 am, a secondary school student who lives in Tseung Kwan O in the New Territories boarded a KMB bus from Lohas Park to Mei Foo.

When the bus arrived at the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel, the student told the driver that he was on the wrong bus and was worried he would be late his school examination.

As there were many passengers, the bus driver could not stop. He suggested the student get off at the next stop at Rhythm Garden on Choi Hung Road and take a taxi to the school, adding that he offered the student HK$100 for the taxi fare.

Meanwhile, a male passenger heard what was going on and got off the bus with the student and took him to get a taxi. The passenger also lent the student another HK$100 in case he did not have enough to pay the fare.

The student finally made it to school on time. His mother said the family wanted to thank the two kind men in person. As the post went viral online and received applause, the bus driver was found.

The driver, a father of two and who had been working for the bus company for 20 years, said he understood the worried student. The driver said it was part of his duty to help the student and he was happy he could get to school on time.

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