Four Filipinos who were said to be members of a gang which allegedly drugged and robbed foreigners were arrested in Sampaloc, Manila, on Sunday evening and charged with theft, unlawful access to a device and carrying deadly weapons.

Police identified the four as James Soriano, 54, Michelle Wenceslao, 34, Analyn Castro, 39 and Elma Matas, 39. They were allegedly targeting a Swedish woman in a restaurant when police arrested them at about 7 pm, the Philippine Star reported.

Before their arrest, police said the four allegedly drugged a Chinese national named Li Wei Yang, 35. Li told police the suspects befriended her on Saturday afternoon when she was touring Intramuros. They treated her to a meal at a restaurant, where Li suddenly felt dizzy and fainted.

Li said she woke up the next day inside her hotel room and discovered that her phone and US$1,375 in cash were missing. She also saw unauthorized withdrawals of at least PHP216,022 from her ATM and credit cards.

On Sunday, police watched the four set up a Swede, identified as Parisa Khosrovi. Police arrested the four when they offered her a drink. Khosrovi told police she was also touring Manila when the four befriended her.

They face charges of theft, unlawful access to a device and carrying deadly weapons.

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