Macau Photo: Google Maps

A 40-year-old Filipino migrant worker was arrested by the judiciary police for alleged theft after he picked up a computer on the street in Macau.

On January 21, while moving house a local man put a computer worth around HK$12,000 (US$1,529) outside a building on Rua de Leonciio Ferreira, Macao Daily News reported.

The man then went to pick up his car but when he returned, the computer was gone. He reported the case to the police.

Judiciary police examined footage from surveillance cameras on nearby buildings and identified the suspect.

On Thursday, officers intercepted the suspect on the same street where the crime took place.

The suspect told the police that he took the computer because he thought it was trash that someone had abandoned on the street.

Officers went to the apartment where he stayed and confiscated the computer.

In Macau it is illegal for someone to take possession of an object which seems abandoned. According to Macau law, the maximum penalty is one year in prison.

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