Filipino-American Marc dela Cruz has become the first Asian American to play the lead role in a Broadway musical. Photo: Instagram (@marc_delacruz)

A Filipino-American actor recently made his debut in the lead role of the Broadway musical hit “Hamilton”, making him the first Asian-American to play the lead in a Broadway theater in New York.

On Saturday, Marc dela Cruz, who is of Filipino-Japanese and American descent, took the stage as Alexander Hamilton in the Broadway production of the musical.

Dela Cruz was born in Hawaii to a Filipino father and mixed-race mother, CNN Philippines reported.

“I am filled with gratitude for the creators and originators of Hamilton. It’s an honor to help share this astoundingly crafted and important piece of theater,” dela Cruz said in an Instagram post.

The actor is the first Filipino-American cast to play a lead role at the legendary Theatre District in Manhattan.

While it was dela Cruz’ first time playing Alexander Hamilton, he has played several roles in the musical since joining the cast in November last year.

Other half-Filipino actors in Hamilton’s Broadway casts are Karla Garcia and Isa Briones. Rachelle Ann Go and Christine Allado, meanwhile, have joined the London cast of the musical.

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