Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island Photo: Google Maps

A 41-year-old Filipina domestic worker who was charged with one count of theft was granted bail in the Eastern Magistrates Court on January 16. The accused, named as C. Sedano, allegedly took merchandise from Aeon supermarket in Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island on November 14 last year, sunwebhk.com reported.

It was the second case in a week involving Filipina domestic workers allegedly shoplifting from the same supermarket.

According to a police report, the stolen items included one blue Adidas jacket, one white New Balance shirt, two black Adidas hoodies, one frozen fish fillet, two rolls of sushi, one pack of cooked food and two boxes of milk. All items belonged to Aeon Stores (HK) Co., though no estimate of the value of the goods was provided by the police.

Magistrate Peter Law did not take a plea from the defendant and adjourned the case to February 28 at the request of the prosecution.

He granted bail of Hk$1,500 (US$191) for her temporary release.

On Jan 15, another Filipina, J. Toquero, was fined $2,000 also in Eastern Court after she pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing assorted merchandise worth $1,600 last October in the same Aeon shop.

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