Jalan Raya Bintaro in South Tangerang, Indonesia, where the inebriated marksman shot himself in the foot. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian man ended the year with a bang when he shot himself in the foot on New Year’s Eve. He has been charged with possessing an illegal firearm.

Ade Raihan, 19, was taken to Sari Asih Hospital in Ciledug, Tangerang, where he told staff he had been shot, inquirer.net reported. The hospital then filed a police report.

Police went to the scene of the shooting and talked to witnesses, none of whom noticed any altercations taking place. After further investigation, it was revealed Raihan had shot himself while under the influence of alcohol.

His house was searched and a homemade firearm was found. Officers said he learned to make the firearm from the internet.

Criminal investigation unit head Alexander Yurikho said the 19-year-old was flaunting his firearm while drinking with his friends in Jalan Raya Bintaro, Pondok Aren, South Tangerang.

He ended up shooting himself in the foot. Police added that Raihan could be prosecuted for possession of illegal firearms under Emergency Law No. 12/1951. If found guilty, Raihan could face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.