The narcotics confiscated by the BNN. Photo: BNN

An attempt to smuggle drugs into Indonesia through the waters of northern Aceh has been foiled by a multi-agency task force. On January 15, a task force consisting of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) and customs officers stopped a boat carrying 70 packets of crystal meth and two packets ecstasy pills in Lhoksukon waters, The Jakarta Post reported.

Three people on the boat were arrested. BNN official Arman Depari said the three were still being questioned about the drug syndicate they were working for, which was believed to be based in Malaysia.

Preliminary investigations pointed to the narcotics being sold in the province of Aceh. The three were given the drugs somewhere near the maritime border between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Drug trafficking is a serious offense in Indonesia. The harshest punishment for the crime is the death penalty, which is regularly imposed on drug traffickers.

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