Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker tried to take her own life after her employer allegedly said she could not leave Saudi Arabia.

Mellany Zabala, who has been working in Riyadh for over a year, tried to get her employer’s permission to return to the Philippines after learning that her only child had died.

However, the employer refused to allow her to leave, Kwentong OFWreported.

Zabala was devastated and allegedly tried to end her life. The domestic worker then received news that her mother had died, but was once again refused to return to the Philippines.

The domestic worker was also molested by her male employer and accused of stealing. The employer sent Zabala back to her employment agency, where she is currently staying.

A Facebook post by Ar Ar Sumilhig alleged that Zabala was abused by her employer and is seeking help to be rescued and to return home to the Philippines.

Zabala hoped to find some help through spreading her information and current situation.

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