Photo: iStock.
Photo: iStock.

An investigation has been launched by police in Indonesia after 11 Christian graves were desecrated at a public cemetery in Magelang, Central Java.

The Giriloyo cemetery saw graves destroyed, with wooden and stone crosses on Christian graves being torn down, Asia News reported.

Choirul Anwar, a local police captain, said that the authorities have launched an investigation but as yet have identified neither suspects nor motives. The police revealed that wooden crosses were pulled from the ground and headstones were smashed using hammers.

Commentators on Indonesian social media have expressed anger, describing the incident as “anti-Christian intolerance.”

A media report in December reported that a Christian grave had had a part of its cross removed. This was later found to have been taken away by the family of the deceased, who wanted to avoid angering extremists in the local area as the grave was within a Muslim cemetery.