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The fifth-generation, or 5G, sector is laden with potential. Which company will rise to be the dominant hardware provider will likely be decided in 2020. Photo: iStock

China will issue temporary licenses for 5G businesses in several cities this year, said Miao Wei, the minister of industry and information technology, CCTV News reported.

It is expected that by the second half of this year, 5G products for commercial use, such as 5G mobile phones and 5G pads, will be put on the market, said Miao.

In the future, about 20% of 5G facilities will be used to support interpersonal communication and 80% will be used for the Internet of Things, especially mobile IoT, said Miao.

As an example, Miao said traffic lights in the future will also emit a wireless signal using 5G technology to create a large network for vehicles – the Internet of Cars, according to Miao.