The python reportedly snuck in through the drainage pipes. Photo: Brisbane Snake Catchers@Facebook.

A family in Brisbane, Australia, were shocked when they found a python lounging about on the toilet seat in their washroom last week.

At about 6:45 am on January 19, Stewart Lalor of the Brisbane Snake Catchers was called by the family in the suburb of Wynnum when they found the reptile, commonly known as a carpet snake, in their toilet, Daily Mail reported.

According to Lalor, most snake rescues in toilets require him to put his hands in the toilet water for long periods. This snake, however, reached out to him. The snake catcher thought it was curious and wanted to see what was happening.

It is believed that the python snuck in via an outdoor pipe. Lalor was able to grab the snake easily and then took it back outside.

He also offered advice to people who find snakes in their toilet to not flush it as it would only push the snake further down the pipe. Carpet snakes are big but non-venomous. These snakes are common in Australia and are sometimes kept as pets.

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