Jiangjyun Fishing Harbor, Tainan, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwan vessel which returned from the sea to a fishing harbor in Tainan on the island’s southwest recovered the body of a foreign man on Tuesday. The man was later identified as an Indonesian fisherman who was reported missing recently.

On Tuesday, when the crew on the Pingtung-registered fishing boat was unloading their catch for the day at Jiangjyun Harbor in Tainan, they were shocked to find a dead man trapped inside their fishing net, the Liberty Times reported.

Officers from the Coast Guard Administration were dispatched to the vessel, according to an online video, where they found the body, which was among the fish they had caught in the net.

A preliminary investigation determined that the deceased man was an Indonesian fisherman, 21, who had fallen into the sea while working in waters off Kaohsiung last Saturday, as his body had yet to be recovered despite a search for him.

The captain of the vessel had confirmed his identity and officials were investigating the crewman’s actual cause of death as his body had no obvious injuries.

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