The worker (in red circle) was hit by a truck in Lung Shan Tunnel. Photo: YouTube

A 39-year-old worker was killed by a moving truck at a construction site inside a tunnel in North District in Hong Kong’s New Territories on Thursday.

The victim had a wife and two children, Apple Daily reported.

The accident happened at 9am inside the Lung Shan Tunnel construction site, which is part of the Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point project near Sha Tou Kok.

A video clip being circulated on social media showed the victim standing about 15 meters behind the truck. Suddenly, the truck started moving backwards toward the worker, who was not aware it was moving.

Meanwhile, another worker noticed the vehicle was moving and tried to stop it but failed.

The truck knocked down the victim and rolled over him before hitting a wall and coming to a stop.

Other workers called the police and the victim was sent to a hospital, but he was pronounced dead, Headline Daily reported.

It was understood that the 56-year-old truck driver, after dropping off workers at the site, had parked the vehicle inside the tunnel. He claimed that he had applied the handbrake before leaving the truck.

The Labor Department is investigating and says it will help the deceased worker’s family handle compensation issues.