Ashiya, Japan. Photo: YouTube
Ashiya, Japan. Photo: YouTube

A wild pig attacked an elderly woman in Ashiya, Hyogo prefecture, Japan, on Tuesday and bit her finger off. At around 10am, the 86-year-old woman called for an ambulance claiming that she had lost her left hand’s middle finger, Kyodo reported.

The wild boar later also reportedly attacked another woman, 60, on a street about 600 meters from the site of the first attack. A pouch she was carrying was bitten and she was slightly injured on her left hand.

About an hour later, members of a local hunting club and police officers were able to subdue the boar at an elementary school nearby. They stabbed it with knives and bludgeoned it with police batons, killing the 1.1-meter-long female pig.

Wild boars have been increasingly seen in the Kobe and Ashiya areas, which are close to the Rokko mountains where the animals reside. They often enter suburban areas looking for food.

In the past few months, local governments in Japan have been urging people to start hunting wild boars because of their invasive nature as well as the waste they leave on crops and farmlands.