Lord Street in Fleetwood, England. Photo: Google Maps
Lord Street in Fleetwood, England. Photo: Google Maps

A large-scale cannabis farm allegedly operated by two Vietnamese teenagers being kept against their will was discovered with plants worth millions of pounds in Fleetwood, England, last week.

At around 4:20pm on Friday, police were informed after reports of a drug operation being found at an abandoned shop on Lord Street in Fleetwood, Lancashire. Police arrested two males, aged 19 and 17, who were reported to be from Vietnam, the Blackpool Gazette reported.

The two Vietnamese who were arrested were later found to have been working involuntarily at the farm and were in fact victims of modern slavery. They have since been moved to a safe accommodation.

With the help of Lancashire Fire and Rescue along with Electricity North West, a power network operator, the cannabis farm was shut down. The confiscated drugs will be destroyed.

Lancashire Police Detective Sergeant Steve Hallam said the seizure was a significant one and proof that the fight against drug use is prominent throughout Britain.

Hallam added that the cannabis found had an approximate street value of £3 million (US$3.8 million). He also urged citizens to report any suspicious activity.