Cambodia has a substantial population of dog meat eaters. Photo: iStock.
Cambodia has a substantial population of dog meat eaters. Photo: iStock.

A video shot in Cambodia shows nine stolen pet dogs crammed in a cage while being delivered to a slaughterhouse. Michael Chour, 48, chief executive of animal-rights group The Sound of Animals, spotted the suffering canines in a cage on the back of a moped and followed the bike for more than 11 kilometers, British newspaper the Daily Mail reported.

Chour and his group were in the area on the hunt for a local slaughterhouse when they began stalking the bike. However, the slaughterhouse had finished its operations for the day.

The driver of the bike left it stationary with the nine dogs crammed in a tiny cage under the blazing sun. Chour and his associates hid and tailed them further until they got to the slaughterhouse. When they got there, Chour confronted the driver, who told him that the paws of the dogs had been cut off to prevent them from escaping.

Dogs were beaten with poles and were kept in tiny cages in the slaughterhouse. He described the slaughterhouse as “the most barbaric, sadistic, heartless place” he had seen in the 15 years he had been tracking such operations.

The French CEO said the dogs had been transported on the moped for hours and were scared, dehydrated and injured. He added that the dogs were not strays but were pets that had been stolen.

Chour was able to rescue a pup from a butcher and took it to a local veterinarian. A total of five dogs were rescued and will be taken to Chour’s animal shelter in Thailand.

Dog meat is consumed in Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam. The latter is the world’s second-largest consumer of dog meat, with 5 million canines being slaughtered every year.

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