Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island
Photo: Google Maps
Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island Photo: Google Maps

A video went viral on social media after it showed a man and a woman tussling with police officers on a street in Chai Wan on Hong Kong Island.

The video showed a man, who appeared upset, punching a store gate outside a bar on Wan Tsui Road in Chai Wan while police officers tried to get him to calm down, news website reported.

The man not only ignored them, he yelled, “the police hit me”.

After issuing warnings, police officers tried to subdue him on the ground. That led to the man’s girlfriend intervening, demanding that the officers free her boyfriend and alleging that the police had hit her boyfriend and assaulted her indecently.

When her boyfriend refused to calm down, the woman leaned on top of him and held onto him tightly, in what appeared to be an attempt to prevent police officers from subduing him.

The couple, who were said to be drunk, refused to listen to anything the police officers told them.

After several warnings, the officers used pepper spray, handcuffed the man and arrested him for alleged police assault.

According to the police, the case happened in the early hours of October 27. Two persons were arrested for assaulting police officers while two officers required medical treatment for injuries to their hands.