Mukhlis Abdul Holik, who crawls to school every day. Photo: YouTube

The inspiring story of a disabled Indonesian boy who crawls to school has gone viral on the internet. Mukhlis Abdul Holik, 8, crawls to school with a backpack on and his hands covered with sandals every day, AFP reported.

He was born with deformed legs and feet that makes his standing height at his classmates’ waist level. His mother says he crawls every day and never complains and he goes to school regardless of the weather.

From West Java, Holik’s story went viral in the country and gave him the opportunity to meet Indonesian president Joko Widodo. On December 3, he met the president on the United Nation’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Widodo said the boy did not ask for anything and only expressed his wish to attend university. Holik, who idolizes the president, said he was very happy to meet him.

Holik said he wants to be a firefighter, a doctor and an astronaut when he grows up.