The 19-foot cobra found in Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Photo: Youtube.
The 19-foot cobra found in Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Photo: Youtube.

Two king cobras were found in Odisha state in east India last week within the span of two days. And both were lucky to survive.

On December 7, Ruhia Singh was horrified to find a 19-feet-long cobra in his house in the Mayurbhanj district, NDTV reported.

Villagers gathered around the scene, with the village chief present. A forest officer stationed in the area reportedly failed to catch the huge snake, which led to another snake “rescuer” named Krushnachandra Gacchayat being summoned.

Gacchayat ultimately saved the snake when he saw the villagers getting ready to kill the cobra. He said he had never seen a snake of its size and that he felt good after saving the reptile, which was later released in the Simlipal National Park.

Early the next day, a 10-feet-long king cobra was found in a house in Odisha’s Cuttack district. Owners of the property called the Snake Helpline promptly upon spotting the reptile, Odisha Sun-Times reported.

A team from the People For Animals (PFA) group was dispatched and captured the snake, which ended up being released in the Damadamani forest under the supervision of a forest officer.

Suvendu Swain, leader of the PFA’s Cuttack Sadar unit, said the snake was probably searching for food in the house.