Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Two Filipino cleaners were accused of stealing a laptop computer from an Emirati woman who accidentally left the device in the washroom of a supermarket in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

According to the Emirati woman, she was in a local supermarket when the incident took place in October. The woman said that after using the washroom, she left without her MacBook Pro, Gulf News reported.

When the woman realized her mistake, she rushed back to the washroom but the computer was nowhere to be found. The woman then called the police and reported the laptop stolen.

Police investigations led to the arrest of two Filipina cleaners who work in the supermarket.

The two women were accused of stealing the laptop worth 21,000 dirhams (US$5,718), but they denied the accusations and pleaded not guilty at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday. One of the accused said they had found the device on the washroom floor, but did not steal it.

A ruling will be heard on December 25.