Tung Chau Street flyover in Sham Shui Po district, Kowloon. Photo: Google Maps

Three alleged drug users were apprehended during an anti-narcotics swoop by Hong Kong police that targeted squatter homes occupied by locals and South Asians.

Officers from the police narcotics bureau raided a makeshift house underneath the Tung Chau Street flyover in Sham Shui Po district in Kowloon. They arrested three occupants – a Vietnamese and two locals – after a small amount of “ice”, cocaine, heroin, midazolam were found, along with a number of syringes.

The operation on Wednesday busted a “narcotics party” and police are still investigating the source of the drugs. They are also trying to determine if any of the three men arrested, aged from 27 to 63, were involved in other crimes, the Orient Daily reported.

District councillors in Sham Shui Po told reporters that nearby residents were angry at the government’s failure to tear down the illegal structures under the flyover, which had long become a hangout for asylum seekers and “a hotbed for crime”.

Previous police raids found that guns and other weapons had changed hands there, and there had also been signs that local triad groups had been eager to infiltrate the squatter community there and recruit new members.

Local residents have called on the authorities to include the squatter homes in future clearance operations and for police to step up their patrols.