Residence Bel-Air, Cyberport, Hong Kong Island
Photo: Google Maps
Residence Bel-Air, Cyberport, Hong Kong Island Photo: Google Maps

Six people were injured after an electric-powered Tesla crashed into another vehicle then hit a security gate in an upscale residential complex near Cyberport on Hong Kong Island on Friday.

The accident happened at around 7:40am on Bel-Air Peak Avenue, Oriental Daily reported.

Dashboard camera footage uploaded to a Facebook page showed a white Tesla on a driveway moving slowly. Then it suddenly accelerated and, out of control, collided with a black SUV that was waiting to leave the housing complex.

The Tesla kept going, mounted the sidewalk and hit a security gate where it struck and injured a security guard. Another security guard who rushed to help fell and injured himself.

The 49-year-old Tesla driver, his 47-year-old wife and two children aged six and seven all suffered injuries, according to news website

Paramedics arrived and tended to the injured before sending them to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment.

It is understood that at the time of the accident, the man was driving the children to school. Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

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