Thai snake charmer Yuttapong just seconds before he was bitten by the snake. Photo: YouTube

A snake charmer passed out and was rushed to a hospital after being bitten by a king cobra while performing at an animal show in Thailand.

While handling snakes at a show for tourists in Phuket, 35-year-old snake charmer Yuttapong Chaibooddee was bitten on the arm by a king cobra, the Daily Mail reported. Yuttapong immediately threw the snake on the ground.

Moments later, he passed out and was quickly taken to a hospital. He was given a combination of antibodies and was put on life support the moment he stopped breathing.

After three nights, Yuttapong was discharged from the hospital. After 10 days, however, he still displayed burn-like wounds on his body, including his left bicep, forearm, inside his lips and thighs – all of which were from the cobra’s venom.

He described the snake as a “monster cobra” and said the venom made him suffocate. He also said he was grateful to the doctors as they saved his life. Yuttapong did not blame the snake, saying it’s the snake’s instinct to bite.

The king cobra is classified as the world’s longest venomous snake. It is native to Asian regions, ranging from India all the way to Southeast Asia. Its venom is lethal enough to kill an elephant in a matter of minutes.