Mohammedia, Morocco. Photo: iStock.
Mohammedia, Morocco. Photo: iStock.

A total of seven people were jailed in Morocco for 10 years on Monday after being found guilty of selling meat from diseased cows and dogs.

Royal Gendarmerie forces in the city of Mohammedia near Casablanca caught three individuals who were moving rotten beef from sick cows as well as dog meat late last month, Morocco World News reported.

The suspects were reportedly drunk as well.

Authorities confiscated sharp weapons, meat grinders and two unwell cows that were hidden. It was also uncovered that cow heads were thrown in public garbage for disposal.

Footage of suspects bribing authorities to turn a blind eye was also found.

The case has sent the Moroccan public into a frenzy, with people calling for severe penalties because were endangering public health, as well being cruel to stray dogs.

Seven people belonging to the ring were all sentenced to 10 years in prison at the Mohammedia Court of First Instance on December 10.

In October, a member of the Egyptian Parliament made a proposal to send stray dogs to South Korea for revenue, given the increasing stray dog population and South Korea’s practice of eating dog meat. That proposal was labelled as cruel and inhumane by animal rights groups.

Some countries in East Asia are known to have a history of eating dog meat. Vietnam is the world’s second-largest consumer of dog meat, second only to China.

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